Ugh!! Kidney pain sucks!! Calling the dr tomorrow to see wtf is going on. Also coccydynia is kicking my ass….literally. No matter what position I am sitting in. Im sore all over and I cant wait till the side effects of the vaccine wear off. You may be wondering why I just got the vaccine this week…well when I had covid in February I was in the hospital and received the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion. I’ve basically been immune this whole time as I’ve has the antibodies. However, Ollie is starting school in person in September so I wanted to make sure I had the vaccine with all the additional germs he will be bringing home. I got J&J while the boys got Pfizer. Oliver got his a couple months ago since he is at work and in public so much more than us.

I cant believe the boys are going into 7th and 9th grade. I fear Ollie will be behind since I gave him so much help last year during the whole virtual school thing. I’ve also been going too easy on Ophion, so this year will be a bit more strict. I think he’ll also have actual homework instead of doing everything during class time before moving on to the next subject. That should save me a lot of time during the day to get more done at home so I’m not sitting with him while he works constantly going over things. (Keeping in mind he is Autistic, so no judgements from the peanut gallery for how I do school with him)

Therapy has been going really well. Its time consuming to be in 9 therapies a week but they seem to be helping. I have been getting a couple flickers of depression. Just enough to say “be on the lookout”, but not enough to say “here I am.” I had to try to describe the flickers to my therapist yesterday but couldn’t describe it accurately.

Tomorrow I have a lot of housework to do and over the next few days I’ll have even more. It’s almost time for my moms summer trip to my house so I have a lot to prepare for her arrival.

Ok, time to get ready for bed, watch some depressing ass news stories then go to bed watching the wonderfully amazing Big Bang Theory.

Until next time

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