So, he came home drunk….no surprise there. He was passed out in the car on the way home, thats when they weren’t pulled over so he could puke. He got home earlier than I expected thanks to Carl. I apologized to carl profusely for having to deal with him. I sent Oliver to bed with the spins and didn’t wake him for dinner. He woke up for work this morning so thats somewhat of an improvement, usually he’d call out.

Yesterday I got about 5 maybe 6 loads of laundry done. My closet is packed full with shirts between me and Oliver and I have about 25 pairs of leggings. I didnt realize how behind I was on laundry until I started sorting it all. I found clothes I hadn’t seen in quite some time. Some of the boys clothes are too small for them so I have to donate those.

Today I have DBT group therapy. Mindfulness Monday is the topic. I struggle with my focus when it comes to mindfulness. My mind always wanders and I always end up thinking of everything else and not what the meditation leader says.

Ok well thats about it for now

Until next time

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