So there’s an app kinda like tinder, but for moms to meet mom friends. I connected with a woman and we may meet up today. Since Ollie has bowling she may come to the lanes if she has the time. It didn’t sound too promising but its a possible start.

I had a one on one yesterday and she brought up my past trauma with my father. It was a rough topic as always so we decided to lock the memory in a safe and I told it I’ll come back when I’m ready. In other words that memory will be locked up for a long time or until she mentions it again or I have a ptsd attack which have been happening less frequently. Thank goddess Danu.

Yesterday in our first group we discussed healthy relationships then after group i stayed on the website to take more notes on what is an unhealthy relationship. For me and Oliver I’m happy to say we have a pretty healthy relationship with some unhealthy qualities. Ill discuss with him at some point so we can address it.

In yesterday’s second group we discussed SMART goals, I have one in mind but its gonna take longer to achieve than I anticipated. I thought I’d get it done within the week but im not so sure I’ll have time to get around to it by then.

My sugars have been doing really well. I’m hoping my a1c has come down tremendously. I’ll find out next month.

Well inhave a headache and need to get some rest before group. As always

Until next time

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