Yesterday I had an appointment to get an injection at 9am, then I had therapy scheduled for 10am….I get to my appointment right on time sign in at the lower desk she sends me up to get the shot I wasn’t sure if they changed locations so I asked at the upstairs desk where I should go…..he looked at me like I had 12 heads….he told me no one was there to do the injections and there wouldn’t be anyone until Friday. I then told him well there better be because I was given a 9am appointment….he made some calls and pulled a nurse from somewhere else to do the injection. I emailed my case manager while all this was happening to let her know I may be late to the 10am group….she didn’t respond. I finally get done with the injection and vitals and its time to go home at this point its already 10am and I keep refreshing my email to see that there isn’t an email with the zoom link to therapy. I email my case manager about that and got no answer. At 1 pm I get a response that its ok and we can discuss everything at the one on one session this afternoon at 2pm.

One on one went great although she told me my fear of people not caring or liking what I have to say is very egotistical of me. That its none of my business how they feel. Thats about the only time I have disagreed with that she’s had to say to me.

Today the guys finished my driveway (not that I previously mentioned it was being worked on) and some other small patch work around the driveway and I expected it to look better for $6000. I guess we will see when the cement dries but here is some of the patchwork (I won’t show the driveway which turned out ok because it has personal info)

Anyway…its time for me to head to bed, watch some big bang theory and go to sleep.

Until next time.

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