So my mommy talked to the husband she is separated from cuz she had to tell him about a friend who passed away, they spoke about his own health issues for a while, among them are, a colostomy bag, and catheter he has a home health aid 4 days a week his a1c is 15, keeping in mind at my highest my a1c was less than or around 8 I believe. He can barely walk.. He has to wear special diabetic shoes and inserts he can’t even stand in the shower and he told my mom she will recieve his pension soon meaning he won’t make it long. I have a lot of animosity towards him for reasons I won’t get into but I dont wish any of this on him. Im hoping he is able to overcome this and do better if not for himself for his children.

Well I’m at bowling and its almost time to gather everything to go home maybe I’ll write later to tell about the fiasco today maybe I’ll save it for tomorrow’s post, as always…

Until next time

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