Nothing much to report today. Was kinda moody today.

Oliver went to pick up lunch with a female coworker, its not that I dont trust him but I find it disrespectful. My absolute best friend thats not related to me is a man but I wouldn’t be galavanting around town with him alone. I just find it disrespectful to the other person because that gets peoples mind pondering what you are up to. It makes the other person look dumb. Even though there is nothing romantic taking place to outsiders it still appears inappropriate, which makes the other person look dumb for many reasons. I dont think it should take place. I may sound like a jealous woman but its a respect thing in my eyes.

I got a new selfcare journal. Had i taken the time to look at it and realize its the same page over and over again for like 150 pages I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but it was only 5 bucks so its not a major loss.

Therapy today was cbt. It was 2 of the facilitators last day. One is transferring to another location while the other is going on maternity leave. Change sucks but as they say ‘change is the only constant.’

There was something I wanted to write about earlier but I forgot what it was maybe I’ll make a 2nd entry or maybe I’ll just forget it forever.

Ok well I’m out of here for now.

Until next time

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