Finally getting my numbers under control! Its been so long since I’ve had a number like this! i cant even tell you when the last time was!!

Kinda took a tumble yesterday….i had just taken laundry upstairs and got it started and when I was coming down the stairs I got really light headed and dizzy kinda like i was floating and fell down the last like 4 or 5 steps. Im ok a little rug burn and bruised but nothing serious.

Therapy has been going well, both group and one on one. Idk whats gonna happen though when they go to in person come September. I may have to drop the afternoon ones which are mindful self compassion and illness management and recovery. IMR is a favorite of mine i really like the facilitator for that one but its from 230-4 I cant do both groups Oliver has to be at work for either the morning or the afternoon and the morning groupd are “mandatory”

My counselor has really gotten me to open up….granted she has to coax it out of me but she gets me talking and im comfortable with her. I hope she doesn’t switch on me like the last few i had at the other place.

Well i have to make Ollie some French toast so ill end this here.

Until next time

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