Small fire in the microwave last night meant for an awful night of sleep. Ollie woke me up around 1am by yelling for me to get the fire extinguisher. By the time I comprehended the phrase Oliver was at the microwave putting it out with his hands. All turned out OK.

I had to miss DBT group today as I was doing some actual grocery shopping for a change. I made it to one on one though so that was good.

I got a new Selena shirt today while we were out…well I got a couple shirts but the Selena one is by far my favorite.

I got fabric photo transfer paper whatever its called so that I could print an image out and make shirts with them but the shirts had front pockets so we gotta return them and get the right shirts tomorrow.

I have a lot of cleaning to get done over the next couple days. Its past due for the overhaul but I haven’t had the health or motivation to carry it out. This week though I have tonget it done no matter what. I’ve put it off long enough.

The pool is busted. We have no clue what’s wrong with it. It started yesterday when I wanted to put the hot tub on now the whole pool hot tub combo is down and out. A guy is supposed to come tomorrow to check it out….who knows how much that’ll cost.

Anyway its 830, I’m at the bowling alley for at least another hour and I’m beyond exhausted. So ill end this here.

Until next time

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