Sore as sore can be. And I mean everything that has a muscle, nerve, or tendon attached to it, is sore. From 10:30 am to 7pm I worked on cleaning out a spare room….I spent all that time and basically only got 2 closets cleaned out…..granted they were packed waist high with toys and clothes accumulated over the years.

This is what I pulled out of the room

The above picture is everything I pulled out of the room, a lot of the baby clothes had tags on it so that stuff will go to Oliver’s niece who is having her first child. I had Ophion go through a lot of the toys and see what he wanted to keep and what he was ok getting rid of. He willing gave up more than I expected. I even got a whole box of dinosaurs to give too my goddaughters twin girls.

Among the things found today were….

My teddybear from when I was about 6…that I thought my mom got rid of almost 15 years ago. I was so upset with her for years not that I acted differently or treated her differently. Today i text her to apologize. She chuckled. 

The teddy bears the boys’ godfather got them when they were babies….even though they havent seen him or heard from him  in about 11 years I decided to keep the bears.

I even found my slippers well they were my moms but then my feet got bigger than hers in the 4th grade and I snagged them from her.

After pulling everything out of the room we separated into put out for free by the curb, throw away, and donate. We got 4 boxes for free by the curb including a huge box of stuffed animals, we got a ton of stuff to throw away and we got a bunch of clothes to donate. After separating we had to remove them from the living room…..we took the garbage outside to the deck cuz we will have to do a bulk pick up on Friday and we need to keep it somewhere til then. Tomorrow ill put the free stuff by the curb and ill take the clothes to the donation box by mcdonalds asap.

Ok I’m too sore I’m gonna take some meds and head to bed.

Until next time

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