Kids had a nice day in the pool.

I went to Oliver’s work for a little while tried to help fill some paint chips but my back started hurting and I got really hot and sweaty almost instantly like I was going to pass out. He had me mess with a new coworker who didn’t know who I was by asking for ‘blinker fluid’. the employee told me to go to the auto aisle for anything like that then we came clean and told him who I was and that there is no such thing as blinker fluid.

We (Oliver and I) went to chilis for dinner and we got the 2 for $25. Usually Oliver gets the Cajun chicken pasta but when he heard me say fajitas he changed to fajitas too. I made it through half of the food I’d say before I was full so I’m gonna chalk this up to the Victoza again.

My poor pooch is still suffering with the fireworks in the neighborhood….I’m hoping they are done in the next couple days because this is really not fair to her.

Tomorrow morning I have to do laundry….I keep forgetting and Oliver is running dangerously low on the essentials. Not to mention towels.

I need to reach out to a few people, today is my cousin who passed away 2 years ago birthday. Im sure its emotional for them and they may need to vent.

I keep meaning to ask what is triggering about fireworks to a few family members but I dont want to be insensitive. I honestly don’t know what would be the root of that trauma and I feel that is something, as a relative, I should know. Not that I’m entitled but because I love them. Like you should know someone your close to birthday or favorite color, something this important is a detail i should know.  I want to protect them from furthering that trauma.

Ok im tired and Harry Potter is on TV. I took all my meds and its time to rest.

Until next time.

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