RSD is in full swing today. Of course its not easy to ignore when you should be with a group of people but they do everything to avoid you that they can. If I sit at a table fit for the whole group I’m left sitting there alone while the rest stand away from me. If I stand they flock to a table. Right now I’m at one table and they are at a different one. 2 people in the group have gone out of their way to at least say hi if nothing else while the rest only say minor things to me when Oliver includes me in a conversation and their response is usually some kind of passing remark instead of an actual response directed to me.

I wish I didnt feel this way but its understandable as to why I do. Even if others think their actions are unintentional, they still suck.

First half of the tournament went well. Then we went to eat and this 2nd half has been total shit. Ill update more later as they still have 2.5 games to go but its not looking good.

Until next time

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