Well we discovered that the dog does NOT like fireworks. I took her outside to relieve herself and my neighbors set off a few while we were out there and she bolted for the house and nearly took me down in the process. Luckily I’m use to holding her leash tight for when an unsuspecting squirrel or bunny is in her sights.

I took the boys swimming after that horrible group this morning. I decided to go in the hot tub since the pool was too cold for me. I set it for 100 degrees but it only reached 92 by the time I had to get out to get Ollie in the shower for bowling.

I didnt go to bowling tonight I was nauseous as hell and in case you don’t know, I have a tendency of passing out when I throw up. So we decided I’d stay home and have Ophion babysit me lol.

Oliver bought Sarku for dinner. And I nearly forgot to take my insulin after but since sarku usually spikes my sugar I had to make sure I took it.

I have an early and long day ahead tomorrow and I’m hoping its not a bad day. Oliver has another tournament and who knows how he will act when it comes to his drinking. Anyway. I need to get to sleep so I can wake up in the middle of the night and try to take the dog out hopefully by then the fireworks are done.

Until next time

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