I may write again tonight but I had to get this off my chest. Todays CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) group, was the absolute worst group I’ve been in. First we were supposed to start at 10, it didn’t start til almost 10:30. Then you got this woman spending 10 minutes of group time talking about how she’s gonna do her nails, then proceeds to do her nails during group…..filing buffing banging tapping and clacking the whole time without being on mute like she should’ve been, while this is going on you got a guy playing the fucking piano for 15 minutes unmuted taking up time. Then we spent 40 minutes on the icebreaker which turned into like 3 people controlling the whole group just talking over eachother and crosstalking about absolutely nothing having to do with the group. Then we Finally are about to start an actual discussion with a worksheet and the host got kicked from the group cuz his computer died. Since I was the first person in the group I was automatically made host and since the original host didn’t make my counselor the co host I had to figure out how to do that while everyone lost their minds and was talking over eachother some more. I finally made her cohost and then the other host made it back about 10 minutes after he left. So here we are down to the last idk 15-20 minutes of group and we got the beginning of the worksheet read and chaos erupts again with the talking over eachother. It was a complete mess. Finally at like 11:35 my counselor spoke up and said they (her and the host) needed to get the outreach calls figured out. I told her I didnt need one today but wanted one for Tuesday since I’m sure this weekend with Oliver bowling will bring up some trouble. On Tuesday I fully intend to tell her to never put me in that group again. It was a complete waste of my time.

I woke up with a massive headache so I’m going to lay down and try to get it to go away.

Until next time

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