This morning I had interpersonal effectiveness DBT. We did a group activity in which I happily got all the answers right even volunteered my answer a few times. A few things I took away from today’s session were… 1. What we focus on can often make the pain worse. 2. When it comes to visions and goals, visions never end and can change as you go but a goal ends when you accomplish it, aim for visions and 3. You never know the knowledge you can get from someone who views the world differently. My participation (times i willingly responded without being directly called on)  in that session was 4 times. Keeping in mind my goal is once.

Took the boys in the pool between sessions today even though it rained for most of our time out there. The water was warmer today than its been since it was opened. Topping at about 83 I think, not that it felt that warm it was still a refreshing temperature.

This afternoon I had IMR (illness management and recovery) and we worked on coping with stress. Learning about the three stress types….stress, distress and eustress. We were given a task for next week and that is someday during the week from now until we meet next Thursday is to pay attention to your stressors. Note how many you have and how many you were able to manage at once. This was one of my best sessions as far as participation goes and I volunteered responses EIGHT times.

Today was my first day taking my Victoza and I’m assuming its already working cuz I didnt eat as much for dinner as I normally would have. I need to look into it though because I think I read somewhere something about not drinking caffeine on it cuz I drink diet pepsi like I should drink water.

Well I’m gonna end this here.

Until next time.

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