Feet are killing me for two reasons tonight. First I burnt the hell out of them today on the deck, and 2nd my neuropathy is flaring. I guess I should check my sugar real quick…..390….no wonder they hurt. Guess I should take some insulin to help bring it down.

Ok so I had a near confrontation in group today. It was a case of mistaken identity and she apologized after…sort of. Lulu asked my last name and of course I refused to give it to her, when the counselors asked why she wanted to know she said her exes new wife was named Ophelia as well and Ophelia shot Lulu’s cat and if I was her she was gonna freak out. Well I assured her that I have never shot a cat and I have been with my husband going on 16 yrs. She said oh ok thats a relief or something along those lines and we moved on.

Well I’m watching a movie with the boys so im gonna end this here and write tomorrow.

Until next time

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