Had a one on one outreach with my counselor today. It went really well. She continues to tell me how proud of me she is for the responses I’m able to give to the questions she asks. I always feel like I’m expected to give a specific answer but she is trying to break me out of that thinking. She said she’s not there to judge. I cant remember what she said but basically its like she’s there to protect me mentally and in turn physically.

The last medical group I worked with I felt happy with a couple of my care providers out of the half dozen I’ve gone through but I’ve never felt as happy with them as I feel with the counselor I have now. She constantly reassures me and takes time to explain things. Im so new to this whole process that I dont know what a lot of the things are she’s asking me about. She started to ask me about emotional regulation but we realized I won’t have my first session about it until tomorrow, and then she moved on to explaining it in a different way.

Tomorrows group on emotional regulation could be a huge help for me. It sounds like something I will greatly benefit from.

I’ve been doing well on the participation goal that my counselor set for me. She wants me contributing responses at least once per session, Monday I contributed twice and today three times!! She wasn’t in either session but should hopefully be tomorrow.

She still wants Oliver to hold on to my insulin for a while and only give it to me as needed but I dont think I’m that far gone still. She reviewed my safety plan and thinks it is too soon to give it back to me. I def. Understand her point.

Ok well its about time for me to sleep so i’ll end this here and continue with anything else tomorrow.

Until next time

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