He asked if we could talk about our fight last night then proceeded to say virtually nothing. All he asked was…”was there a misunderstanding?” And telling me “he can never say he’ll never drink again”.

I told him how I felt and said i cant control your drinking but I will not be around it he then chuckled and shook his head and the conversation ended there.

Completely pointless.

Today I had DBT on the topic Mindfulness. Being in the moment without judgment with intent. Learning when to be judgmental and when not to be.  I was really tired from the opening meditation so I was drifting in and out throughout the session so I didn’t get many notes taken.

After my one on one with my counselor on Friday we set a goal of me participating at least once every session….today i volunteered participation twice.  Big moves there.

Tomorrow’s session should be a good one. The topic is distress tolerance. I’ll take lots of notes during that one.

Today I had an appointment with the endocrinologist. He upped my meds again and added a new one. Im now on 42 units of basaglar a day, 20 units of admelog with each meal, and I’m to start Victoza tomorrow morning but idk how much until I pick up the rx. Sadly I’ll be up to 5 shots per day, such a pain but hopefully the victoza will help curb my appetite like he said could be a side effect.

Ok, its time for me to head to bed. Until next time.

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