So I argued with Oliver last night about his drinking. I explained how messed up it is to make promises to people and not follow through especially when its one of the root causes of my mental breakdown. He told me I misunderstood his promise. He didn’t mean he was going to stop drinking all together, just until I felt better! What the fuck is the purpose of that!?!?!?

He said the drinking is his crutch and it keeps him from losing it since he needs to always have it together. Like throwing it in my face that I cant keep it together right now. Even though it’s partially his fault. Just stop fucking drinking!

Anyway. Today I’m laying out boundaries about his drinking. If he wants to drink thats fine but I will not associate with him while he has been drinking. If we are out together and he decides to drink I will call someone to pick me up and I will leave even if its a cab or uber. I cant put boundaries on what he does but I can put boundaries on me and what I allow myself to be around.

His drinking will never change but my reaction to it sure will. Im gonna try my hardest to move beyond it in one way or another.

Until next time

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