I wanted to post last night to keep my post streak going but I was soooo emotionally and physically drained from the day I passed out around 1030 or 11 when we got home.

We were at the tournament for 14.5 hours!! My anxiety was through the roof!!

After promising me at my lowest last week that he wouldn’t drink anymore,, I’m pretty sure Oliver snuck in the bar and had something at the tournament. ( but he will never admit it. ) kinda like a couple weeks ago when he denied someone went golfing with him that i cant stand, even though he has a photo in his phone of the score sheet with that persons name on it….and no it wasn’t an old one it was with someone else that he hasn’t golfed with all year.

Anyway, its early and I want to try to sleep a bit more so I’m gonna end this here.

Until next time

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