Chopped all my hair off today…well not all but a lot. When my friend was cutting it another stylist passed by us and did a double take to make sure that’s how much was supposed to be cut. It was pretty funny.

I had group CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) today. It went well I think. Learning about neuroplasticity and cognitive defusion. Then I had a one on one outreach with my counselor…that was a whole ordeal. By the end I was bawling like a baby and she talked me down.

  Ollie had league today I was very anxious during it but managed well by keeping busy on my phone.

Tomorrow we have a big tournament for Oliver to attend. It will take all day and into the night. I worry about a lot of things but his drinking and sending me to the dark side again seems to be giving me the most anxiety.

Well I have to be up by 6 so I’m gonna try to get some sleep.

Until next time

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