Today I had a couple group therapy sessions. These take place on zoom and The first one this morning went well until the end. It was a DBT group, The topic was “interpersonal effectiveness,” which in a nutshell is getting our needs and wants met without negative effects to others. We also discussed the “5 love languages”. I discovered my love language is receiving gifts with quality time and physical touch next.

Ok now for the bad part of the session…..someone decided to shower in the middle of the session and then dried off on camera….you could only see him from the chest up but still. Why not just turn the camera off until you are dressed?!?

The afternoon group session was an IMR (illness management and recovery) we discussed the “8 dimensions of wellness” (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, environmental, financial, occupational, social) Each category had a possible 40 points I scored less than 30 on all of them and under 25 for most so I need to work on those skills quite a bit.

Tomorrow I think I only have DBT therapy at 10. Then I have an outreach appointment with my counselor around 2 followed by my first haircut since I shaved the side of my head in 2019! For a frame of reference the shaved side of my head is the same length as the rest of my hair which reaches mid back. Im getting an angled bob again like last time just not shaving the side. (even though I loved that) I just don’t get my hair done enough to keep up with it.

I’m venturing out of my comfort zone Saturday and going with Oliver to a tournament. I think its a little too soon to bring me in public for that long of a period of time but he really wants to bowl this and my anxiety will be 10x worse if I’m not there keeping an eye on him and making sure he’s not drinking.

Ok I need to get to sleep I feel a headache creeping in.

Until next time

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