Al-anon has been going much better this time around. Last time I did it it was a chat room and I was just yelled at for being so new, that I didnt understand that we weren’t supposed to try to change the alcoholic. So I was asking questions about how to get him to stop drinking and suddenly I had 30 people yelling through text that im wrong and blah blah blah. This time I’m doing more listening as these are discord and zoom meetings. Im also part of one email group. That one I shared in as writing is always easier for me.

All together im attending between 2 and 5 meetings a day and even though Oliver jokes about it, i think he’s scared. He keeps making jokes about how they are gonna tell me to leave him but I think part of him is scared that they will and I will.

He thinks al-anon is a waste of time because he didnt have the best experience when he went to AA over 10 years ago, so he think alanon is the same way.

Well I’m starting to fall asleep while I type so ill end this here.

Until next time

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