Oliver enjoyed his first day at the new store. He sadly will have to quit his other job though because its a conflict of interest as they are competing businesses. They adjusted his hours at the new store for over the weekend and set up hours for next week already including one shift of open to close. He was told it won’t be long until he is moved to a managerial position given his experience.

Last night there was a noisy cricket in the house that I couldnt find….joys of living in a basement….so I ended up sleeping in Ophions bed instead of the livingroom floor like I usually do. (Ollies bed is currently full of storage stuff so I usually let him sleep in the livingroom with me or in bed with Oliver) Ophion was sleeping upstairs and Ollie was with Oliver so I took ophions bed.

Today I had a headache from hell as well as a sore hip/leg so I did zero walking….the whole day I didn’t even reach much more than 2000 steps. Of course I was charging my fitbit for a bit today so it didn’t track all my steps but it didn’t miss much.

Tomorrow is a bowling alley night. So I need to get the bookbag packed tonight so I don’t forget anything like snacks or drinks. Normally I’d say my computer and stuff but I broke my computer last week.

Well its about that time so I’m gonna head to bed soon

Until next time

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