Oliver enjoyed his trip up North to the golf courses. They enjoyed the first one more than the 2nd one but both were enjoyed. He came home sober and thats such a bonus in my book.

Ollies eyes were bothering him today and he got one all red and swollen from rubbing it again. He fell asleep early tonight im hoping he sleeps through the night so we can go to work with Ollie tomorrow.

Ollie has a few videos he needs to watch before he starts work at the new place on Wednesday. Hopefully we will get through that tomorrow or Monday so its out of the way.

I pushed myself today to do better than yesterday with my walking. I succeeded for sure! Now I have a goal to reach for everyday cuz beating it on a regular basis will be hard.

I’m somehow gaining weight but im hoping that changes when I stop eating everything in sight. I eat then I walk then I rest and repeat. Its a vicious unhealthy cycle and even as I’m typing this all I can think about it eating something.

Well I think I’m gonna force myself to sleep so I don’t go eating again.

Until next time

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