We did some running around today which contributed to my step count for the day. We first ran to Dicks sporting goods for Oliver’s trip north this Saturday to the couple high end golf courses hes playing back to back. Then Oliver tried to be sweet and take me to the big 5 below a couple towns over, but he ended up rushing me out of the store so I didn’t get to enjoy it. Then we ran to Burlington to look for a few things but left empty handed. Finally we went to the mall. We only went to this mall because its always dead. Even pre covid, but post covid was way worse. Oliver found a new reversible belt that he liked. Its so hard to find black to grey belts like he likes, they are almost always black to brown. While at the mall we stopped into Barnes and Noble to get Blondie Blasts. They are Ophion’s favorite and after the argument we had with him today we wanted a peace offering, even though he didnt really deserve one.

Blondie blast

In the middle of yelling at him for what he did he chimed in by telling me to “pipe down”. I could’ve hit him right then and there but I resisted. I sent him away while I cooled down a bit, then we left to do all the aforementioned errands.

As for my steps for the day, I’d say I did pretty well. Tomorrow I’m hoping to do a little better but we will see cuz I’m pretty sore right now.

Today I was reading an online article, one of those where are they now things on a show or movies actors. This one was a doozy. There were 2 that I didn’t recognize at all, so we are going to play a game……who are they?!?

Number 1

Number 2

I want honesty here for this game. Who are they?!? I’ll give one hint….New York.

Any guesses?

Leave your answers in the comments if you play along!

Ok the answers are……

Maxwell Sheffield and C.C. Babcock from The Nanny! Did you guess it right?!?! I sure couldn’t figure it out!

We brought home Wendy’s for dinner. Not the best choice for weight loss but I didn’t feel like cooking. Making pork chops tomorrow for dinner. Hopefully Oliver comes home sober enough to enjoy them.

Ok I’m exhausted and need to check in with MML.

Until next time

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