I’m going to start posting my steps here to keep myself accountable. Kinda killing two birds with one stone. It assures that I’m posting here daily and it assures that I’m staying accountable with my steps.

I think I did pretty well. I did 3, 1 mile workouts on top of the steps I took today giving me a total of 5.32 miles for the day.

MML isn’t feeling well tonight. She took a nice long nap this afternoon/evening to try ro recover. I hope her sleep pattern isn’t disrupted for tonight. She thinks its from pushing herself too much with the workouts and walking. Which is very possible. Like I told her, her body will show signs before her mind understands what’s happening.

We went to the bowling alley tonight. Olivers wrist has been better and he wanted to try bowling, did pretty well considering he still had pain and is throwing some of his old equipment.

Report cards will be coming out soon and I’m curious to see how well ollie is doing. I’ve been checking Google classroom for missing work and he’s only missing one assignment I think. A health project where he needs to record a commercial about something or another health related. He doesn’t know how to make it and attach it to the computer.

Well I think thats about it for now. I’m heading to bed I have a lot to do tomorrow.

Until next time

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