Failing the weight loss attempt. Have to really try to buckle back down tomorrow. I got less than 3000 steps today and thats not acceptable. I ate poorly today and cheated with a few treats so my sugar wasn’t good today either. Thats even more unacceptable.

My mom saw MML today and text me to say how great she looks. Im so proud of her. She is working so hard to succeed at this. She will weigh less than me in no time.

Ophion is slightly sick. He has a cough and a sore throat. Dayquil is his savior even though he hates the taste.

Ollie is struggling with following directions so tomorrow he has to go without his beloved playstation. I have to clear off the storage stuff from his bed so he can start sleeping there again this week(end).

Oliver got a second job. One that will move him to management pretty soon. There’s a lot of hoops to hop through and forms to fill out and a lot to go over for a new hire but he is officially on the schedule for next week.

Thats all the updates I have for now. Will update again soon.

Until next time

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