201, headache, neuropathy, and a panic attack.

I don’t think its actually a migraine this time but its different than the usual headache. It feels like a marble traveling up my neck and over my head. Like I can follow the nerve that is being attacked. [like in cartoons when u see the electricity travel along the powerlines.]

My neuropathy is kicking my ass too. Making it impossible to fall asleep. Everytime I try to close my eyes I get this stabbing, tingling, burning feeling in my feet, toes, and ankles. So i’ll continue writing til I’m tired enough to pass out.

Yesterday I nodded off a bit and had a dream where I was shot in the chest, which made me wake up suddenly. When I woke up I had trouble breathing and that turned into a full blown panic attack. I was in front of my Vornado trying desperately to get enough air in my body to calm down. It ended up taking a few hours before my breathing returned to normal. But even today I find myself taking more deep breaths than normal.

Tomorrow I have to go to the store in the morning which means I have to leave ollie to do school work on his own until I get back.

Ophion wanted to go in the pool today but it was only 76° outside so it was a quick swim after homeschool.

Oliver brought home pizza for dinner. Tomorrow i’ll hopefully feel up to cooking again.

My lightboard came in for my light therapy for S.A.D. I’ll use it tomorrow and see how it does. I’m still not convinced a light will help but we shall see.

Well thats enough complaining and whining for one day.

Until next time

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