One more post till I reach 200!!

Today I don’t have much to share. We did virtual learning with Ollie, then homeschool with Ophion. I’m still not feeling 100% and I’ve had a headache most of the day/night.

Tomorrow I have to build Ollies gaming chair, make a few phone calls and clean the kitchen, besides school for both boys.

Olivers boss had to bring his mom home for hospice care. Sadly she seems to be getting worse very quickly. I’m sad for him. I cant imagine losing my mother. The day that happens I will need a psychiatric hold and no I’m not joking about it. In so many ways we aren’t close but in so many ways we are. She is the best friend I have. Ok. Can’t talk about it anymore its making me go to a dark place.

Tonight I got to talk to my cousin Elea. I rarely get to talk to her and I miss her like crazy. Her little girl is adorable.

Oh nostalgia.

Well i need to take my meds and head to bed.

Until next time

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