Almost at 200 posts! How exciting!

Today was day two of virtual learning. It went even better than yesterday!

Ollie at his work station

While doing work with ollie, I got a phone call from Twin. Her middle child who is on the spectrum was having a meltdown. Twin was crying and she didn’t know what to do or how to handle it. I gave her the best advice I could give and in minutes everything passed. The meltdown stopped, twin pulled her self together and they were able to move beyond it all and continue with the important stuff like nothing even happened.

The frogs were back this morning, this time both of them and this time they decided to hitch a ride on the chlorine dispenser.

Lovebirds or family?

We are all feeling better from our little stomach bug we had last night. I still feel a little uneasy but much better than earlier.

After work with ollie I did work with ophion and that went pretty well. I even let him watch a documentary instead of book work for world history.

Well I can’t stop yawning so I’m going to end here for now

Until next time

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