Let’s see. We got up early to start the day for Ollies first day of virtual learning for middle school. It went pretty well. Each class is only half an hour and each class today was spent taking attendance and going over the class rules/expectations. The schedule is a bit confusing but I think we finally got it figured out.

I had a telehealth visit with my psych while ollie was in one of his classes and she recommended I get a light therapy box for my Seasonal Affective Disorder. I ordered that tonight so I would have it before the SAD kicks in.

After his school day was over I decided to take ollie and ophion out to the pool for a bit. I figure we better use it since we will be closing it in just a couple short weeks. Surprise surprise the frog was there. (In case I haven’t mentioned it we’ve had a pair of frogs in the pool for the last few weeks and no matter where we put them including over a 12ft privacy fence, they find their way back to the pool)

I did a little yard work. Even though my anxiety was through the roof thinking about getting bit by more ticks.

I then did homeschool with ophion which went smoothly.

I made dinner when oliver got home from work….cheesesteak. ollie didn’t eat because he isn’t feeling well and neither is Ophion for that matter. Both have upset tummys and the dreaded D. Hopefully tomorrow brings better feelings.

I’m off for bed though. I’m tired and not feeling 100%

Until next time


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