i’m on my laptop and my nails are too long for the keys so I will have many typos and uncapitalized things, just so you have fair warning.

so I didn’t think I would write until Tuesday but I was bored and sitting around doing nothing.

the new boss decided he doesn’t want to write the letter for the board of social services so now I have to figure out how to get the paperwork finished so we don’t get terminated. just one stressor.

ollie starts school Tuesday. hes excited for school but hes not excited for the school work. doing everything online is also an added issue for him. he would rather be in school and be around his friends.

i’m missing my mom like crazy. things have gone to hell around here house wise. at least while she was here she would help me stay on task and help out when she could. and I just miss her. being here. being her. just, being.

my aunt Ruth is having some serious health issues. she went to the ER for a hernia well like an intermittent hernia because its not fully popped out yet it keeps going in and out. well aside from that she was diagnosed with COPD and peripheral artery disease. COPD is what my grandma died from and I think that is what everyone is worrying about the most.

My cousin Jac had her gender reveal today….its a boy. there is quite a controversy going on about who was invited to that and who had to watch in on the livestream. it doesn’t make sense to pick and choose favorites when it comes to family.

i’m missing family more than normal lately. its bothering me more that i’m alone, which makes me think a depression is making a move on me. not to mention I’ve been a bag of emotion all day crying at everything.

Oliver is pissing me off with his idea of priorities so i’m going to get of of here and watch tv or read a book so I don’t type some shit i’ll regret.

until next time

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