Quick update on the day…

We made breakfast pizza for breakfast. Pizza dough, sausage gravy, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese.

Today we were swimming and it decided to rain. We were going to get out but decided since we were already wet we’ll just enjoy it. How many time can u say you safely swam in the rain with no lightning or thunder going on.

Swimming in the rain

For dinner tonight we had wonderful Papa Charlie’s Italian beef sandwiches. Its been years since I got to enjoy one of those.

Tomorrow we are making cinnamon rolls for breakfast we got the Cinnabon ones, one with buttercream icing and one with cream cheese icing. Oliver has to work tomorrow so he will miss out.

It kinda sucks that covid is keeping us all stuck in the house but better safe than sorry. At least we are getting lots of sun and pool time together.

Ophion said the last 3 days in the pool have been “his most favorite days in the pool ever.” We’ve had dodgeball tournaments and intense games of Marco polo.


MML Is giving me access to her disney+ so I’m sure when my mom and Bee leave Ophion and I will be watching a lot of disney together.

Well its about time for bed.

Until next time

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