Tomorrow is the day!! Mommy is making the trip tomorrow! She will probably have to make several stops and may even need an over night stay at a hotel but tomorrow she will be on her way. She asked me if there was anything she could bring that I can’t find out here, I made a joke and said papa Charlie’s Italian beef but told her not to worry about it. Only time will tell.

Today I am getting the house in order as best I can. Its not to bad just the clutter here and there. My house is definitely lived in. I don’t do the whole magazine perfection.

Oliver went golfing today then picked up dinner from an amazing bistro down the road. I got the fried chicken sandwich which comes with 2 large boneless something or other and fries, Ollie just got the garlic parmesean chicken wings.

My mother in law called this morning to tell me she has bad body aches all over. I kept checking on her and as the day went on the aches lessened but its still worrisome for her. They got a bad storm this afternoon and have been without power since about 330pm. She isn’t working tomorrow because she still wasn’t well. Hopefully tomorrow will find her back on her feet.

I started this post hours ago and kept getting distracted. As the plan stands now, mommy and Bee will be leaving around 7am which if they drive pretty much straight through only stopping for gas they should be here around 8pm. Mommy still isn’t 100% so I’m guessing 11 pm if they drive the whole thing tomorrow or sometime Saturday morning if they stop for the night.

Well I’m leaving this here and will update tomorrow.

Until next time.

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