My mom is FINALLY starting to feel better. I was really worried about her. For her to say she is scared really had me feeling some type of way. My mom has been through her fair share of bs in life, probably more than I have and thats saying a lot. So she doesn’t need any sickness added to the mess.

The trip is contingent on how she feels in the next day or so but she is thinking if she is still feeling like she is or any better, they will leave Friday to come here. Sucks she will only get one week instead of 2 but at least it’s something.

There’s a slight family disconnect occurring right now. My aunt Ruth is one of those “all lives matter” quacks and my cousins Bee and MML and I, WON’T STAND FOR IT! So we have been responding to all her Facebook posts. Well we made such a good argument that she deleted the post and deleted and blocked MML and Bee and made a new post saying if u don’t believe in “all lives matter” to delete yourself from her fb friends. Her daughter Lee is taking the whole thing personally and getting mad that we won’t just let the behavior slide. Lee you have a half black daughter, you should be taking our side not defending your mother. Yes I understand the need to protect and shield your mom from the bad in the world but this ain’t it.

I have some cleaning to do to get the house back in visitor shape so I’m going to end here for now and possibly write again later.

Until next time


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