Mommy isn’t any better today. I actually got to speak with her instead of just text. She was telling me that she barely was able to stand for 5 minutes in the shower to rinse off. So we still don’t know when she will be coming out here for her trip.

I hate that my cousin Bee is missing out on her vacation too. She’s earned this time off.

As sick as my mom is she still had to take my aunt Dra to work this morning because her son, MPW, is a piece of shit and wasn’t home to do it. Ya know because staying out all night drunk and high is more important. Ugh I can’t stand him!!

Hurricane/Tropical storm isaias is on its way. Its all our weather Channel is talking about.

Oliver’s anxiety is getting the best of him tonight poor guy. He’s convinced he is dying or something is severely wrong with him. I hate that I can’t comfort him during this no matter what I try.

I’m on edge. Completely ready to snap at any given moment for any possible annoyance. Idk why I rage so hard but it happens and its scary for those on the receiving end.

I haven’t spoke to MML in a while, tomorrow I’ll need to fix that. I text her this morning but I haven’t video called her like I usually do.

My mother in law lives in North Carolina and they are getting the effects of the hurricane now with the worst occurringbetween midnight and 4 am. She is the biggest scaredy cat with weather issues, which is where my husband gets it from. While I sit outside or in the window watching bad weather they hide in closets and windowless rooms.

Welp….I think it’s that time. Not much else to update on.

Until next time

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