Mom is still sick but she is hoping to leave tomorrow according to her text this morning. I just text her to check on her so we will see what she says.

I responded to a blog post today or yesterday and that comment was liked by a page a never expected. How could I never think that there would be kink pages up my alley on this site?!? Anyone who knows me knows I am very open about my sex life and I’m not shy about it. I am super excited to explore the site further to find more pages that would interest me.

Hurricane Isaias is scheduled to reach us, I’m guessing late Tuesday early Wednesday, as a tropical storm.

The boys got along great today in the pool until Ollie got hurt accidentally. I was very surprised and it was nice not to have to get angry.

Mommy responded she plans on leaving in the morning but that could change. So I’m gonna get off here and start cleaning the few things I have left so tomorrow is an easy day.

Until next time

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