Sadness sadness sadness….my mom is sick. She started with a fever the other day so she made an immediate appointment to get tested for covid. Her test came back negative but while she was driving home she got really sick and felt like she was going to pass out. She had to pull over and call my uncle to go pick her up. I spoke to her while she was still in the car with my uncle and while he was trying to lighten the mood I could hear how sick she was. Her trip out here is postponed until she is feeling better, which could be in a day or two or it could be in a week. Only time will tell. I’m not as worried about the trip as I am her health. I don’t like when she is sick because it happens so rarely its usually quite severe when it happens.

Today is Lammas, the first harvest, and I couldn’t even think about celebrating. I was and am so worried. But now that I can take a minute to appreciate i would like to wish you all love, light, and a very happy Lammas.

Oliver and I had a little contest on Facebook where if we got a certain number of likes and comments we would dump water on the other. I crushed him in comments but we both reached the limit so we both did it. He however snuck ice into his bucket and made it much colder than the the water I got him with. Fucking sneak.

The boys caused us to get out of the pool within 20 minutes of being out there. They just don’t know when to quit when we are in the pool, and its always stupid petty shit that they don’t quit. Yelling cuz one splashed the other or he has the toys the other wants. Seriously?!? You are 11 and 13 figure it the fuck out!

There is a possibility for some effects from hurricane Isaias to hit us this week. So on top of everything else I have that to worry about. Luckily I live in the bermuda triangle of weather. Its where weather goes to die and we usually get missed with the serious stuff.

Ollie has been eating like a grown man. I’m talking 2 of every meal and snacks in between. Its insane! Hopefully he can work off what he is eating because he is developing a gut on him and between my family and Oliver’s, this kid has a big chance of obesity.

Well I think I’m gonna stop here for tonight.

Until next time

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