158 low key

Another low key day. Got a little cleaning done then ran to the grocery store, Went in the pool, had dinner and now I’m writing this.

Oliver had a good day at work. I find I’m happy to hear about his days now cuz hes excited to tell me. Before he was just so miserable with work by the end of the day and there was no excitement. It’s a good change of pace.

Ollie’s eyes are doing very well. Finally! I dont think he has used a towel since he woke up today. He been doing tournaments on fortnite all day so hes been staring at a tv all day and his eyes are still doing well.

Ophion is his usual self. We hung out in the pool and talked about a few things that interest him and had a few good belly laughs together. At one point he was crying he was laughing so hard. It was good.

A big change in behavior from yesterday, which means a big mood change for me.

I’m still eager to get back to homeschooling so tomorrow I am making the boys start some summer reading. Ollie will start on Hatchet, and Ophion will read Percy Jackson.

Welp, nothing more to go over now.

Until next time

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