157- TMI -a little of this and that

At what age do they say you should get a mammogram done? What are the signs that you need to get one done? All day today I have had this sharp shooting pain in my right breast right around the areola. If it continues tomorrow, I’ll have to call the doctor because this pain is rough. There are no unusual lumps, bumps, or discoloration. No dimples or anything that looks alarming, but this pain is a little too much to handle. It’s quick and doesn’t last and it comes sporadically but it’s bad enough to warrant the call.  

On another note, we are closer to my mom’s visit. Still no idea if anyone is coming with her and if they do who? It will more than likely be her by herself or my cousin Bee will come with her. This is still so in the air because my mom wants to come out here to visit for 2 weeks and Bee only wants to come for a week then fly home. Bee has never been on a plane in her life and neither my mom or myself are very comfortable sending her home in one alone. 

Ugh this pain is fucking torture!! 

Anyway. I finished my audiobook “perfect chaos” and am disappointed in myself for liking it as much as I did. I read so many reviews a few chapters in that said how horrible the book was, but I actually enjoyed it. It was an easy one that didn’t take much focus. UGH THIS PAIN!!  I’ve started a new audiobook “lucky suit” I downloaded it on audible a long time ago and never got around to it. I’m going to finish this one then finish “IT”. I started that one over a year ago and have yet to finish it. I’m not a fan of the terminology used in that book, there are slurs used that are just disgusting. I guess it was fitting for the time period but still disgusting. Speaking of “IT” and a fun fact about me; Pennywise is the only clown I can look at and not be completely terrified of funny enough. Well and Ronald McDonald. 

Oliver got paid today for all the work he has been putting in the last week to get the store cleaned up and ready for today’s opening, that was a good change of pace. Being a co-owner meant going many times without any pay, to which often meant we had to hold off on doing anything or getting something. We never went without what we needed though, just the extra stuff. Oliver always made it work for us. 

Wow, that was a very short audiobook. Guess tomorrow I will start on “IT” while I am cleaning. I still have a couple rooms to do and then go over the rooms I’ve already done just to keep them tidy.  

I’m feeling better from this afternoon, the kids haven’t given me any more trouble since we came in. I’m still feeling like there is a darkness going on somewhere in my mind though which is how I know it’s close to the time I have to get my abilify injection {Wednesday}. Well this is it for today. 

Until next time


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