Ollie did great at the appointment for his eyes today. He even did great with the eye pressure test….you know that real shitty machine that blows the puff of air in your eyes. He about jumped out of his skin with the first puff but stayed real still for the rest. They believe its allergy conjunctivitis as his Dr. and the ER said. She didnt want to put him on the steroid eye drops right away so she gave him a new Rx eye drop and to use an artificial tears eye drop. The only thing I wasnt a fan of was that there are eye drops that kind of pretreat the condition. It always happens around this time of year and she said these eye drops can start working before it happens but it needs to start being administered 6-8 weeks before symptoms start. She said it’s too late for this year (2020) and she wants to see if it happens again next year (2021), but then the following year (2022)she will give it to him. I dont want him to have to keep dealing with this if there is something that can help sooner. Why not just give it next year instead of waiting a whole extra year.

I’m still sore from hitting golf balls but it is much better than it was yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow I get back on track with my walking and steps. I’ve realized just under 11000 steps is 5 miles.

Oliver got called into work after Ollie’s appointment so I took the boys in the pool for a little while. I have a major headache so we didnt stay more than an hour and a half or two hours, But it was enough for them.

I havent checked my numbers in a couple days so I think when I switch laundry I will do that just to make sure I’m doing ok without the extra exercise.

While I’m doing laundry, in between switching loads over and folding clothes I popped on some netflix and have put on one of my favorite movies from my childhood. The witches.

I loved this movie as a kid, I also enjoyed the child’s play movies, the nightmare on elm street movies and the monster squad. Odd taste for a kid but I’m an odd one all together so it works.

Went easy for dinner tonight tuna and mac N cheese. Ollie and I mix it together to make like a tuna noodle casserole type dish, it’s quite yummy.

It’s time to switch laundry again so I’ll end this here.

Until next time.

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