My baby boys eyes are back to full blown allergy mode. I cant wait until his eye appointment tomorrow.

Ollie fell asleep with his cold compress on.

I didnt get to talk to my mommy today but we text a little. It turns out that one of my uncles and one of my cousins are trying to come with her to my house next month. I’d love that but Oliver is against it. He doesnt want that many people crammed in here. Which makes sense considering I have no furniture for people to use and half of everyone would have to sit on the floor.

I have two love seats and two recliners but both love seats are broken. I’ve been meaning to replace them I just havent had the chance or the extra cash.

I’m still unbelievably sore from hitting golf balls. It almost hurts to breathe I’m so sore.

I’m still desperately missing homeschooling so I started to set up the planners and filled out the first week of assignments with the curriculum I have on hand. I still have to order the rest. God I cant believe we are at 8th grade and 6th grade this year. My 6th grader normally goes to public school but with covid running rampant he finished 5th grade by distance learning on the computer and I dont plan to send him back in the fall should the schools choose to open. 

Oliver had a great day at work today. He said it was the first day he was excited and enjoyed working in a long time. He got along great with the new owner and said that he thinks this will work just fine.

Well I think it’s time for bed. I’m sore and tired and ready to shut my brain down for the night.

Until next time

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