151 sooo sooo sore

holy hell I cant believe how sore I am from hitting golf balls yesterday. my legs are screaming with every ounce of my full figured body. my back is twinging with each movement. I don’t think I’m going to get many steps in today. I probably wont even take the boys in the pool today because of the muscle tenderness.

Oliver is at work today. ooo I neglected to tell you what has been going on with his work. as you may or may not know Oliver co-owned a paint and hardware store, a struggling paint and hardware store. well Oliver and his partner came to the idea to sell long before the corona virus struck. they had a buyer lined up before this whole nightmare began, but he kept dropping his offer for one reason or another. it got to the point that it was no longer worth it so they told the man no and quickly found a new man interested in the store. at this point the corona virus is in full effect and everything had been closed down so the process is put on a long hold….flash forward to this past week and the final stages of the paperwork. everything was finalized and oliver was asked to stay on to run the store. when he co-owned he had a pretty loose schedule and was able to switch it and at often times switch it last minute, that will no longer work as it isn’t his store to do that with. so this will take some adjusting, however the stress of ownership is gone.

Ollie has his eye dr appointment tomorrow morning and I cant wait to hopefully finally get the answers we need. he has been miserable far too long with this.

Ophion has been hanging out downstairs in his room a lot more lately instead of upstairs in his pop-pops room. I guess it helps that I cleaned it up a bit and it is possible to walk around in there now.

I talked to my cousin MML yesterday for the first time in a few days. her oldest daughter BB is having a hard go of things right now. she is suffering a bit of depression due to her life and the way it is going for her.  BB is an amazing woman. she got pregnant at 16, with TWINS and still managed to finish high school and even graduated a year early. her and the twins father have been very on again off again which is to be expected at that age, and she is struggling with the lack of support she feels she has. as any new young mother she is struggling with the fact that all the friends and people who promised to always be there for her, are no where to be found now. her babies are 3 years old and she feels all alone in the world. she has her parents which she knows but at that age you don’t fully appreciate that. the twins father is very much a party animal at his age and doesn’t believe he should miss out on that just because he has kids. he feels that it is BBs responsibility to take care of the kids while he runs wild doing whatever he wants whenever he wants. she deserves a break too and he fails to see or acknowledge that. I feel for her in so many way. I just wish I could make all the pain she feels go away and make her life take a turn for the better. MML too, I’ve looked up to her my whole life and I think of everyone in the family she deserves to be happiest. she deals with so much and goes out of her way to make everyone else’s life better that she deserves all the happiness in the world. I just wish I could hand them the world they want to live in and give them the lives they deserve.

I haven’t talked to mommy in a few days so I think I will give her a call today and see what’s going on.

I think i’m going to crash for a quick nap maybe listen to my audiobook (perfect chaos) a little.

until next time





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