Woohoo today marks 150 blog posts!! I’m dancing, I’m dancing!! You cant see me, but I’m dancing!

Ok so today I got back in the swing of things….quite literally. I started swinging my golf clubs. 3 years after the last time I swung one. It felt great to get back in there and get active again. I only went to the driving range I didnt play a round or anything but it felt good. My body is trying to be sore from it but I’m hoping not to let it get there.

We went out to eat at this amazing place. I had the chicken sandwich, which took some adjusting to get it to my taste but once I did it was fantastic. Hubby had the french dip, ollie had the chicken sandwich and LJ had the ceasar salad with chicken.

Now I’m going to take Ophion in the pool. Ollie’s eyes are being slightly bothersome so hes opting out of the pool for now but wants to try to go in it tonight around 6 just me and him.

Hubby’s health scare is still causing him major anxiety even though he hasnt had anymore bleeding or anything. Hes placed a call to his psych to see if he can get put on something for the panic attacks hes been having as of late.

I was having an attack myself last night but didnt want to make him feel worse so I rode it out the best I could by keeping busy on my laptop.

I didnt get my steps in yesterday and I’m not sure if I’ll get them in today but I’m going to try.

Ophion is waiting so I’ll end this here. Possibly more to come tonight.

Until next time.

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