149 TMI hubby health scare part 2

So the dr called back and thinks he has an anal fistula. Surgery is the only way to correct it and hubby is freaking out about it. We have a list of gastroenterologists to call for a second opinion and to see what the next steps are.

I didnt go for a walk today as planned and didnt work out in the pool much, instead I just hung out and talked to Ophian. We talked about the upcoming homeschool year and books he wants to read this year. We talked about some things hes been watching on tv and on youtube. His new show I am proud to say as it was always a favorite of mine….ROSEANNE. It was nice to just hang out and talk to him.

Ollie’s eyes are bothering him YET AGAIN! So he is napping through the pain right now. He has an appointment for his eyes on Thursday so hopefully they can figure something out.

It’s time to start dinner so I’m off.

Until next time

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