148 TMI hubby health scare

Oliver got his first anal fissure. Its in a unique location, but somehow he got it. He was freaked out when the toilet bowl was full of blood and had me come running in to see what the deal was. Luckily I’ve had surgery for this in the past and knew right away what it was. He still called the Dr to confirm but with covid she wont see him in person so we had to send a photo and video of the fissure bleeding.  He’s also had some twitching in his index finger for the last few days that has been bothering him. He’s currently waiting on a call back from the Dr regarding the photo and video, so we will see what she says.

I’m disappointed in myself for not following through with my 5 miles yesterday but my body needed the day off.  I got a good workout in in the pool but I don’t think it was good enough. so today has been anther lazy day, but I’m getting ready to take the boys in the pool then later I will take a nice long walk and try to get the steps in.

tonight i’m going to clean the bathroom so I can knock another room off the list of things to do. I feel really run down today so i’m hoping I go through with all these plans even though I just feel like I want to go to sleep. maybe i’ll close my eye for a half hour before taking the kids outside. yup that’s what i’m going to do. right now

until next time



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