147 day 3

3 days in a row I’ve reached 5 miles on my Fitbit, although I really felt it on those last couple miles. I’m hoping to increase my miles next week and walk outside more than I have been.

I’m thinking about cutting my hair again…I want to go short but not shave it like last time. I asked my uncle what he thought would look best because hes blunt in his opinions and I knew he wouldnt sugar coat anything he suggested….

This cut style
With these colors

I am quite tempted to do this as I’ve wanted to go full grey with my hair for a long time but I cant afford the coloring or the upkeep for this coloring. He suggested I color it myself but I could never get the color right with how dark my hair is naturally.

My numbers have been good today all around 100 when I’ve checked I will check once more before bed but I dont think itll be anything too crazy.

I have a slightly stiff neck tonight so I’m going to go to good old google and figure out if I should ice it or heat it before bed, heat usually makes me feel worse though so we will see.

I didnt get any cleaning done today but I did manage to go 5 days so far with no dishes left in the sink. I’m forcing myself to do them immediately after using them so they dont stack up on me like last time.

I took the boys in the pool today but we were forced to vacate early when a little thunder rolled in.

Well this has been a thoroughly boring blog post so I’m going to end it here.

Until next time

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