146 cleaning and walking and cleaning and walking

Tropical storm Faye made an appearance today so it was a beautifully dreary day.

Ollie has been having allergic conjunctivitis I believe to the dust in the house….since we are in a basement the dust is out of control and even if I dust and vacuum every day at least twice a day the dust still accumulates on every available surface.

I took the time today to clean my room and dust since that is where Ollie plays PS4 and it irritates his eyes.

Hes been to his dr and the ER 2x for it and on thursday he has an appointment at the optometrist. He says it feels worse than it looks and is absolutely miserable.

Between cleaning and the walk at home videos I follow from Leslie Sansones youtube channel, I achieved my daily 5 miles.

All I have left to clean before my mom gets to town is the laundry, bathroom, and the living/dining room. And take out all the recycling. AUGUST 1st is the deadline. And it cant come soon enough.

My number tonight is 153, After eating, so it should come down some more.

Well this is all for now.

Until next time

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