144 I’m so excited!!

3 weeks to go till my mommy comes to visit!! Which means I have 3 weeks to get the house in order. The kitchen is basically done I just have to break down all the recycling. I did what I could in the boys bedroom, but I have about 11 full garbage bags of clothes in their room that need to go to donation but because of covid most places aren’t accepting anything right now, so I’ll have to look around for the big donation boxes in town. The bathroom, my room and the living/dining room still need a once over but that’s all doable in 3 weeks without busting my ass too hard. I also have to clean upstairs because we have overflowed into the pool table room/front room with big packages and such. So 4 rooms in 3 weeks. Very doable.

I got new chairs for the dining room but they have to be built. So I need to take all the old chairs away and outside for the curb then bring the big box down, then build them and get rid of the box they came in. Then I need to repeat that process for Ollie’s game chair. Which is a good 50+ lb chair.

We recently were gifted a few board games….some of which I know we will never play such as, How To Host A Murder. It requires like 8 or 9 people…..I dont even like that many people on most days let alone want that many people at my house. I may see if my sister would like it and I can send it to her. Even though I still have a big envelope that I need to send her…maybe I’ll do that when my mom is here she can help me make it a special package.

I’ve been trying to control my sugar better…..I even had one day with my number in the 90s, but I also had a day over 400 so it’s still quite a struggle. As long as I get in the pool it seems to be ok in the afternoon but higher at night.

I’m eager to get back to homeschooling. I’ve missed it surprisingly. I have Ophians schedule all done for the whole year and if we start in early August we will be done in the beginning of May. We arent going to have much time off but I know we will have 2 weeks for Christmas, unless he wants to shorten it to one week and then take those 5 days somewhere else…but who knows by the time I start I may end up following Ollie’s school schedule. Still waiting to see how Ollie’s school plans on doing this with covid going on. Our options for a survey they provided us were as follows…

Strictly online schooling

2 days in school 3 days online

1 week in school 1 week online

Strictly in school

We were asked to place them in order of what we wanted to do and I chose the order I just listed them in. I’m not comfortable packing kids in classrooms that are already too small for the amount of kids that are in there now… there is absolutely no room for social distancing. I think kids will have issues with the masks as well. I know how hard it is for me to wear them I can imagine how kids will react.

We are slowly looking for a new dog. I’m in no rush and not entirely sure I want a new one, but Oliver and Ollie have both been asking. I did see one I was interested in and emailed the owner last week, twice, and have not heard back from them so I’m guessing shes a no.

Anyway, I’m thinking I’m going to end this here.

Until next time


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