128… I’m a wreck.

Finally got to take opal to the vet. The lymph nodes are so large that the vet is pretty sure its cancer. He did a few biopsies to be sure but he said it’s pretty bad. He didnt mention any pain but if she doesnt show improvement with these meds idk what I’ll do. She is my world. Now $265 dollars and 2 Rx later we are home.

Shes taking longer to try to use the bathroom it just wont come out. Which cant be good for her kidneys on top of all this shit. Hopefully it improves with the meds.

Ollie is taking it pretty hard. Hes my sensitive soul. Hes been crying pretty much since we found out. We even took a walk outside to give him a change of scenery to get out of his head for a bit. It worked I think because now hes playing video games.

That’s all for now. Until next time

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